A Special Gift from H-Dock, Channel Islands Harbor

Many thanks to H-dock at Channel Islands Harbor for re-gifting 31 gift cards.  In 2010, H-dock was voted second best decorated dock during the Christmas Parade of Lights. Each boat owner received a $5 gift card from “Do It Best”, which they quickly agreed to pool together and present to Habitat for Humanity of Ventura County as a single $175 gift card.

Our sincere thanks to all of the boat owners at H-dock for supporting Habitat’s mission to provide simple, decent, affordable homes for families in need and helping to reverse the cycle of poverty.

H-dock boat owners presenting the gift card were Clarissa Job, Mike and Cherri Taylor, Tom Yragui, Elizabeth Testa, Tom Newhard, and “Skipper” Bob presenting the gift card to Habitat for Humanity.