A Video Message for our Supporters


Watch this video to see Cesar’s special thank you to donors and volunteers.


For many, “home for the holidays” means hanging lights or lighting candles, giving gifts, and sharing a meal with family and friends. For Cesar and his family of 6, it means moving out of a severely over-crowded mobile home into their new Habitat Home in Santa Paula. Habitat staff and volunteers can all testify to Cesar’s growing anticipation and joy over the last year, as his house went from a dirt lot to a home where his children will grow and thrive. Cesar knows that the hard work of being a homeowner and paying the mortgage every month will continue, but this home will give his children stability and a life he could never have given them without Habitat.
“It has been a long journey full of hard work but we are so happy to finally have a home we can be proud of,” says Cesar.

Filemon and Lorena Contreras, along with their five children, received the keys to their new home on Trinity Lane in Santa Paula today. Their house has taken a lot of hard work from the family and the hundreds of volunteers that have helped them build it. The Contreras family is well known on the construction site for contributing well above and beyond the 500 hours of ‘sweat equity’ required of them by Habitat. At their groundbreaking ceremony several months ago, Irisela, the eldest daughter, commented that “there are no words to describe how thankful we are for the opportunity you have given us”. Since then, Irisela and her family haven’t ceased to show their gratitude to volunteers, sponsors, donors and staff.

“A Habitat home is a stabilizing force for a family. We are overjoyed that these two families now have the opportunity to build a better life, thanks to our supporters” says Steve Dwyer, Executive Director at Habitat for Humanity of Ventura County. “They will pay an affordable mortgage and have undergone financial education courses to prepare them for this journey of homeownership.”
Together, let’s help more families like Cesar’s build and buy their own affordable homes. 
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