Getting ready for Santa Paula new home construction!

Habitat for Humanity of Ventura County is looking forward to offering a ‘Hand Up’ to two more families in need of safe, decent housing.  

We’re gathering the community to support our mission as we prepare to begin new home construction in the City of Santa Paula. We’re delighted to be working with you on this development and excited about the impact that our collective efforts will have on the community as a whole.

1. It starts with site acquisition… finding a buildable lot 

The process of Habitat for Humanity Site Acquisition is lengthy,  “and just requires patience”,  comments Site Acquisition Chairperson Milt Radant with a big smile.  For this parcel of property, Site Acquisition commenced one year ago in January 2012. Pre-Development for the two homes on Santa Anna Street in Santa Paula has been in the works ever since, under the leadership of Jeffery Conrad and John Kistler.

2. Housing Solutions – Lots of planning, hard work, and collaboration

Habitat for Humanity of Ventura County is thrilled to once again work with the City of Santa Paula to find housing solutions for families in need.  Before year end 2012, we were able to take the steps necessary to submit a comprehensive  application to the City of Santa Paula for a Conditional Use Permit (CUP).   Prior to approval, a CUP must be consistent with the existing adopted general plan, including local areas and community plans, which reflect policy for land use and code for planning and zoning.   We look forward to receiving a CUP after the City works through the necessary Planning Commission Departmental Meetings, Planning Commission Hearing, and City Council approval of our Tentative Map. While Pre-Development is in progress, our Family Services and Fundraising are also in full swing.

3. Family Selection – Orientation meetings, applications , and home visits.

The Family Selection Team began its work way in July of 2012, and we are now looking forward to reviewing the Committee’s decision with Board of Directors in January. Our Family Selection Committee, lead by Sandy Burris, is able to see, first hand, the great need for Habitat for Humanity in Ventura County. As the six-month process for Family Selection comes to a close, we thank the Committee for their noble effort and contributions to making Habitat happen here.

The partnerships between Habitat for Humanity and our homeowner families are true collaborations, grounded firmly on mutual respect and a core belief that everyone should have an opportunity to live in a safe, decent and affordable home. Habitat’s Family Selection Process is one of the most important task an affiliate undertakes.” Jonathan Reckford, CEO of Habitat for Humanity International.

4. Family Services – Volunteer family partners, educations classes, and more!

Habitat Volunteers are mentors to the families we serve!  A Family Partner’s responsibilities start following the selection of the family and continue until approximately one year after home dedication and move in. Those who take on this essential volunteer role are called, ‘Family Partners’. The Family Partner Team assists families through sweat equity, homeowner education, move in, adjustment to new responsibilities, the closing process, continued partnership and community engagement. This team also organizes home dedication ceremonies and facilitates our Homeowner Education Program. They are a great bunch of dedicated Habitat volunteers led by Chairperson, Ronda Chung.  Each Family Partner Volunteer is paired up with a family to mentor and guide them through our program.   We are now recruiting the next two Family Partner Volunteers and putting finishing touches on the line-up for Homeowner Education 2013.  If you’d like to learn more about our Family Services Program or how to become a Family Partner Volunteer, please contact Director of Programs, Kathleen O’Halloran.

 5. Volunteers – the heart of Habitat for Humanity … behind the scenes and on the construction site.

If you’d like to get involved as a construction site volunteer in Santa Paula, stay tuned for details on Volunteer Group involvement, Construction Site Volunteering, and Build Days.  Be sure to check Volunteer Hub.  When volunteer group scheduling opens up, we will notify the community through this newsletter. After receiving our CUP, we will have the construction schedule and can move forward with scheduling volunteer groups.  We look forward to the community’s involvement in this development.  If you’d like to get involved now, please contact our 30th Anniversary Committee to assist us with activities, special events and fundraising that will take place throughout the year. Thanks!

Stay tuned to our Builder’s Bulletin each month for the latest news on the development of these next two homes.