Holiday Greeting Cards That Give Back!

Looking for a way to help your school, as well as give back to your local community?

Last year, the Helping Holiday Greeting Card Program helped more than 1,300 elementary school students to use their artwork to raise thousands of dollars for their respective schools and local charities, including Habitat for Humanity of Ventura County!

Friendly Neighborhood Helpers (FNH) is a nonprofit fundraising organization that helps kids raise money for their schools and selected charities through the sale of their original artwork. FNH was conceived by a first grader who was looking for a way her and her friends could help their school and the charities they care about. With the sale of each pack of 10 cards, $3.00 will go to your school & $3.00 will go to the charity of your choosing!

If you would like to bring this to your school, please send an email to in**@fr*************************.org.