HOME for the Holidays!

For many, home for the holidays means hanging lights or lighting candles, giving gifts, and sharing a meal with family and friends. For Cesar and his family of 6, it means moving out of a severely over-crowded mobile home into their new Habitat Home. Habitat staff and volunteers can all testify to Cesar’s growing anticipation and joy over the last year, as his house went from a dirt lot to a home where his children will grow and thrive. Cesar knows that the hard work of being a homeowner and paying the mortgage every month will continue, but this home will give his children stability and a life he could never have given them without Habitat.


It has been a long journey full of hard work but we are so happy to finally have a home we can be proud of.  -Cesar         


Your support makes this possible!


Please help us continue this good work. Safe and stable homes are the foundation of healthy families and sustainable communities. But owning a home is not possible for many of our neighbors. With your help, we can change that.
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