Meet The Chavez Family

As a hardworking single mom, Crystal has been trying unsuccessfully for over five years to purchase a home for her family. Crystal and her two children, Monet and Nyle, share one tiny room in her mother’s overcrowded home. While she is grateful to have her family’s support, you can imagine how much she and her family need their own space, where her children can grow.
“I felt like a failure. I hadn’t been able to give my children what they deserve. I did everything right, not eating out and saving whenever possible, but it was never enough,” said Crystal. 
Like many parents during the pandemic, Crystal was stretched thin. She worked full time, attended college classes, and helped her kids with their distance learning -- all from the room that she and her kids share.
“That was the toughest time I’ve ever endured. It was so overwhelming. I had almost given up hope. That’s when my mom found the ad for Habitat Ventura, and I applied for a Habitat home,” said Crystal. 
When Crystal learned she had been selected to partner with Habitat Ventura County, it was like a burden had been lifted. Finally, there was a light at the end of the tunnel.
“I appreciate the process more because it’s hands-on -- it’s more involved, more personal. It’s not just a house, it’s a home that I can be a part of from beginning to end. It’s a blessing that there’s hope for people like me who are working hard in their pursuit of homeownership,” said Crystal. 
After finishing 500 hours of sweat equity with our volunteers, her family will move into their new Port Hueneme townhome and pay an affordable mortgage. Crystal Chavez will become a homeowner because of you.

We can't wait for you to follow the Chavez family's journey to homeownership! Follow us on social media for updates on our Port Hueneme build.

For updates on the Chavez family and their journey to homeownership, follow us on social media!