Joan’s Story: A Home Transformed

At 78, Joan’s life is a whirlwind of activity, filled with caring for her family, working as a yard guard at a local school, and tending to her beloved pets, Oreo the cat and Johny the dog. However, her 1960s mobile home was in dire need of repair, with 16 damaged windows making it nearly uninhabitable. The extreme temperatures inside posed significant health risks and financial burdens due to inefficient heating and cooling.

Joan’s fortunes changed when she was selected as a Habitat Home Repair recipient. Volunteers, including students dedicating their spring break, came together to transform her living space. They installed new windows, repainted her home, and even took care of her pets during the process, ensuring Oreo didn’t escape and taking Johny for walks.

Joan with her beloved pets, Oreo & Johnny.

Today, Joan enjoys a much more comfortable and secure home. Her heating and cooling costs have significantly decreased, and her home is now a haven of warmth and love. Joan is profoundly grateful to Habitat Ventura and the generous supporters who made this possible, stating, “My house has more love in it now because of all the great energy they brought.”

Joan’s story is a testament to the impact of community support. Donations to Habitat Ventura enable us to continue transforming lives and homes, one senior at a time.

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