Julian, Camila, and their parents


Julian’s family would still be living in a two-bedroom garage if they hadn’t found Habitat. On top of their day jobs, Julian’s parents put in over 500 hours of ‘sweat equity’ to build their house. During the process, they got to know fellow Habitat homeowners, volunteers and supporters and “realized that working together with everyone gave them the power to accomplish the impossible”.

Camilla, Julian’s 10-year old sister, is delighted to have her own space to do her homework in. After getting the student of the year award at her school, we are certain that Camilla has a promising future.

Thanks to you, our volunteers and supporters, this family can now live in a decent Habitat home with an affordable mortgage. Better, affordable living conditions lead to improved health, stronger childhood development, and the ability – and financial flexibility – to make forward-looking choices.




Senator Jackson with Camilla