Cemetery Road Community, Santa Paula – January progress

Progress continues on our Cemetery Road Community in Santa Paula!

  • We are off to a great start in 2014!DSCN2282
  • The City of Santa Paula has given us approval to begin infrastructure work — the preliminary work that takes place before construction can begin. In a few short months, we’ll begin construction on the first two homes!
  • This week, our skilled crews and West Coast Tree are hard at work cutting and removing a number of very large trees along Cemetery Road. The project is moving along quickly, and it appears this task will be completed by Friday, January 17th.

    A very special thanks to all who responded to our call for volunteers  to direct foot traffic.   The open spots were filled in a matter of hours!  There is no doubt that Habitat’s volunteers are amazing!  Thank you for your support.  Soon, we will have plenty of volunteer opportunities for everyone.