A home for sale in the Sunset district in San Franscisco on July 12, 2023. Photo by Semantha Norris, CalMatters
BY FELICIA MELLO JANUARY 18, 2024UPDATED JANUARY 24, 2024 For more stories on inequality in California, sign up for Inequality Insights, a weekly must-read on one of California’s most pressing issues. Lea este artículo en español. California will dole out $250 million more in down payment assistance to first-time homebuyers this spring, while making […]

Dream for All: Down ...

Habitat for Humanity California is an official Voluntary Contribution Fund on the California State Income Tax Return. This is a great way to support us simply by checking box #428 on your CA 2015 Tax Return.   To donate on your 2015 CA Tax Return: 1)Find the Voluntary Contributions list […]