Two more “Brush With Kindness” projects completed

ABWK Home #2 in Fillmore Habitat for Humanity of Ventura County is proud to announce that it has completed rehabbing 2 additional homes through the Preserve a Home Program.  For ABWK Home #2 located in Fillmore, volunteers from the Women’s Fortnightly Group of Moorpark and the Clear Group diligently prepped the home by sanding and scraping loose paint off the walls and caulking cracks.  A small area at the side of the house also had missing siding replaced.  Then, the volunteers primed and painted the home to achieve amazing results and finish the first work day – despite the hot temperatures registered during the late morning and early afternoon.

The Clear Group lends a hand in Fillmore

To complete the Preservation project volunteers from The Clear Program, including our dedicated regulars from the Wednesday Crew, took care of business.  On this second day, all landscape work was completed.  This consisted of soil tilling at the front facade, adding fresh topsoil, flower planting, weed removal and mulch and paver placement at the side yard.  A very special thank you goes out to the ABWK homeowner’s neighbors since they donated pavers and metallic roof flashing material for the cause.

ABWK Home #3 in Thousand Oaks
As part of a “Serve Day”, students from California Lutheran University completed all landscape work in 2 shifts for ABWK home #3 located in Thousand Oaks.  Volunteers put in a good day’s work as they cleared brush, trimmed hedges and bushes, removed weeds and raked lots and lots of leaves.








For the second leg of the Preservation project, the home was prepped and primed for paint thanks to a small group of regular volunteers as well as the returning Clear Group.  Another heartfelt thank you is in order for Mr. Lance Kistler and Ken Diffenderfer for spray-painting the home and making work a bit easier for everybody.  Volunteers from the Delta Tau Delta Fraternity, the Pepperdine Women of Public Policy and Faith Lutheran Church dug in and finished the remaining work.  All house trim was painted and detailed, including the front door.  The existing sprinkler system that was inoperable was removed and replaced with all new sprinkler lines and heads.  And to cap off the rehab work, a fresh coat of blacktop was poured over the asphalt driveway making it new again.  Overall, the results are stunning – thanks to all volunteers who came to lend this homeowner a hand up.







Kudos to Kim Larkins, Cindy Garcia, John Hoffman and Ric Clark, our regular (Saturday) Crew Leaders for assisting on this ABWK home as well.

CLU helps out on their Serve Day