What Is A Brush With Kindness?

A Brush with Kindness (ABWK) is a program of Habitat for Humanity Ventura County that helps lower-income homeowners complete exterior home improvements. Volunteer teams work to improve the condition of homes by painting, landscaping, and performing minor exterior repairs at minimal costs to homeowners who would be unable to do so on their own. Those that are physically able are asked to work alongside the volunteers throughout the completion of the project. The program is for homeowners earning between 30%-50% of the median income of Ventura County.

How does it work?
Homeowners are provided the needed supplies and skilled labor in order to complete projects utilizing no-profit, no-interest loans. These loans will cover the process up to $2,000. The payments from these loans will be returned into a revolving Fund for Humanity in order to fund additional projects in the future..

Am I eligible?
Applicants who wish to participate in the ABWK program must meet the following standards:
• Own and occupy a home in Ventura County that is in need of external home repairs.
• Meet the Income Guidelines (outlined below)
• Be willing to partner with Habitat for Humanity Ventura County to complete approximately 10 hours of Sweat Equity time.
• Possess, or be willing to acquire, Home Owner’s Insurance.
• Be a legal resident of the United States and Ventura County.

How do I apply?
Applications for A Brush With Kindness are available on our website located by clicking on the link: ABWK Homeowner Pre-application.  If you do not have printer access, please visit the Habitat for Humanity Ventura County Office at (121 S. Rice Ave), or contact the Habitat for Humanity office at (805) 485-6065 ext. 202, and one can be mailed to you. All completed family pre-applications will be screened to ensure that the Program’s minimum qualifications are met.

What else will I need?
When qualified families advance to actual application process, they will need to provide copies of the following documents:
• Last 3 months of pay stubs, or other form of proof of consistent income.
• Name, Address and Phone Number of Current Employer
• Your most recently filed tax return
• Proof of child support or public service (Social Security, Food Stamps, etc.)
• Proof of home ownership (May be done with a Deed of Trust, or your most recent property tax receipt)
• Proof of current homeowner’s insurance

Income Guidelines
Please use the income guideline chart listed below to determine if you meet the income guidelines to qualify for the program.

The income guidelines listed below fall below between 30%-50% of the median income of Ventura County. Compare it to your family’s total yearly income, before taxes and from all sources.

Adults in the Home                 Gross Income Between
              1                                 $18,400 – $30,650
              2                                 $21,000 – $35,000
              3                                 $23,650 – $39,400
              4                                 $26,250 – $43,750
              5                                 $28,350 – $47,250
              6                                 $30,450 – $50,750
              7                                 $32,550 – $54,250
              8                                 $34,650 – $57,750