Blanca’s Family

Seven years ago, Blanca, a single mother, and her four daughters were living in a one-bedroom apartment in an

unsafe neighborhood. Their living conditions were unendurable, and still, their cost of rent was so high that they sometimes could not afford to pay for basic needs like food and medical care. Blanca knew she had to find a way to create a better life for her girls. She applied to become a Habitat homeowner, and when she found out that her family was selected, it was the best day of her life.

Since Blanca and her family moved into their new home, they have been thriving. Blanca’s monthly mortgage

payment is less than she paid in rent for their one-bedroom apartment. Her daughters in school are excelling, and

the others are pursuing careers in nursing and public service. Now that Blanca’s family is freed from constant stress, uncertainty, and fear, they are investing in themselves and giving back to their community. Habitat for Humanity of Ventura County, with the support of our community, is helping hardworking, low-income families realize the dream of homeownership when they never thought it possible.