Appreciating Volunteers

Last month, more than 60 of our regular volunteers joined us for an afternoon of appreciation, food and great company. They represented diverse areas of Habitat: new construction, events, homeowner selection, our board, Habitat Young Professionals, and office volunteers. 
In this fiscal year alone, almost 1,900 distinct volunteers supported Habitat with over 37,000 hours! This just shows what valuable partners our volunteers are in supporting Habitat's mission to build and improve homes for people with less resources. 
Four volunteers were honored for donating over 300 hours in this past year; 10 for giving over 200 hours of their time; and 6 more for putting in over 100 hours. There was also special acknowledgement of the 4-member electrical team - our sparky awards! Finally, the Habitat Hero awards for outstanding service were presented to those volunteers who rise to the top in terms of their contributions to Habitat. They went to:
  • - Peter & Kristina Kalaydjian, Cocktails in Havana Event 
  • - Melissa & Gordon Henry, Construction Crew Leaderss, Chair of Women Build and Event Committee
  • - Frank Blum, Board Member, Chair of Habitat to the Max

Huge thank you to Chipotle for donating burritos and to Missy's Cupcakes for the yummy desserts!

Take a look below to see all of the fun we had together!